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  Specialists in UVC222nm 

               Destroys Covid-19 Using 
            Human Safe Invisible Light


   UK & SGS

Why FAR222® 


An extremely effective lighting solution to destroy the Covid-19 virus in your home and workplace.


Blue222® light frequency of the invisible light range of UVC 222nm is proven by extensive scientific studies from around the world including the UK and EU to effectively kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus. The UVC 222nm frequency is safe and more effective because it is highly absorbed by both protein and DNA, it does not damage the skin or eyes therefore it is safe for humans and pets. There is also no UVA or UVB emitted so there is no tanning of the skin whatsoever.


FAR222® is a British company dedicated to supplying of this revolutionary Blue222® lighting solution using invisible UVC 222nm filtered technology which offers a continuous sanitisation of air and surfaces for spaces where we live, work and play- safely and effectively.


The Blue222® frequency of our branded filter for krypton-chlorine excimer lights have been tested spectrometer and frequency verified by a UK UKAS and SGS Laboratories (reports available).


It is part of our company policy that every light we supply is 100% tested and verified. It conforms to the light frequencies in the scientific reports , so this means that every light supplied will have unique identification labels with its actual spectrometer verification results issued.

All tests will be carried out in our UK factory, customers are welcome to attend and confirm results.

  Blue222® Lights conform to the new UKCA regulations formally the EU regulations (more data).


High quality aluminum body that is powdered coated for a clean look, can be wall or ceiling mounted. Powered via a simple safe 24vdc power supply.

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