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Q. Is UVC 222nm safe to use?

A. It has been extensively proven from a number of scientific white paper reports over a course of many years that UVC 222nm is safe to the skin and eyes therefore there are no harmful effects to humans or pets.

Blue222® is fully compliant with EU legislation on the safe use of UVC exposure in the presence of people.

Link for EU (UKCA) DATA.


Q. Is UVC light a new technology for killing viruses and pathogens?

A. UVC germicidal technology has been around for many decades. It is widely used for disinfecting operating theatres, treating drinking water, in the aviation industry and the list goes on.  

Using UVC 222nm wavelength allows people to be present in the room during disinfection without any risks to their health as opposed to the conventional germicidal lights. UVC 222nm frequency effectively kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses such as SARS- CoV-2 Coronavirus. (Please see Datasheet)


Q. Why is your light different to other UV lights on the market?

A. Please be very careful when you purchase an UVC 222nm light, unfortunately there are an increasing number of fake and potentially dangerous products on the web (including extremely well known sales sites)  that are becoming extremely common. All of our lights are individually tested with a specialised equipment (Dosimeter/ Spectrometer) to verify the UVC 222nm frequency is the most dominant and that harmful frequencies are filtered out with our bypass filter. We physically test 100% of all our lights in our UK factory based in the Midlands. The frequency is verified and issued with the fitting to ensures that customers are getting a genuine safe product. 


Q. Does the light need to be on constantly?

A. You can be in charge of when and how long for you want to be using the light for. UVC 222nm light provides a continuous sanitisation of the air and surfaces that helps to maintain a healthier, safer environment. 


Q. Is this light a medical device?

A. Our light is not a medical device and does not claim to cure COVID-19. It simply kills the pathogens on the particles (saliva droplets) that are produced by a person's breath. 


Q. Is the UV light same as sunlight?

A. The understanding of UV light can be very confusing and it is often misunderstood by the public. The UV light produced by the sun (UVC, UVB, UVA) is damaging to the skin and eyes hence we wear protective clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses. Blue222® uses an entirely safe spectrum of light to that of the sun that does not cause any damage to the skin or eyes. 


Q. Is the light visible?

The light is not visible there is only a slight bluish glow around only the lamp, no blue coloured light is emitted as UVC 222nm is actually invisible to the eyes. 


Q. Is the device easy to use?

A. Yes, it's both battery pack or UK mains transformer powered, you simply plug in the device that can be easily mounted to the ceiling, wall or simply placed on a shelf.

Q. Do you provide a certificate of authenticity upon purchasing the light?

Yes, our lights come with spectrometer results and unique ID (holograms) issued with every light, we offer nationwide collection points to verify the real time results, alternatively we can do the same process via a zoom video call.

Q. Does the light produce any ozone?

A. The light does not produce any substantial ozone gas and is within the lawful healthy exposure limits.

Q. Why are your NHS and SGS reports not shown on the website?

A. Due to copyright laws we will not display the reports, however be assured we have them and they are available in our technical files for review.   

Blue222® light is ideal for your home and business to create and maintain a cleaner and safer environment for your family, friends and pets. 


Easy installation. No maintenance. Cost effective. Scientifically Proven Technology.


Quick and Easy installation of Blue222® that can be fitted to ceilings, walls or mounted onto shelves. 


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